Bombay Sunset & Bramble Gin Twin Pack
Bombay Sunset & Bramble Gin Twin Pack

Bombay Sunset & Bramble Gin Twin Pack

The Bombay Sunset & Bramble Twin Pack is the perfect addition for your cocktail experience. Explore the bold flavours of Bombay Bramble Gin, bursting with blackberries and raspberries, and the aromatic allure of Bombay Sapphire Sunset Gin, infused with warming spices.

Perfect for creative cocktails, shared moments, elevate your home bar with this versatile duo.

Bombay Sapphire Sunset: 70cl | 43% ABV
Bombay Bramble 70cl | 37.5% ABV

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Bombay Sunset & Bramble Gin Twin Pack

Regular price £40.00
Regular price £46.00 Sale price £40.00

More About Bombay Sunset & Bramble Gin Twin Pack

Product Details

Introducing the Bombay Sunset & Bramble Twin Pack, feel inspired to creative endless possibilitieswith our two exceptional gins. Within this duo, discover the bold richness of Bombay Bramble Gin and the aromatic allure of Bombay Sapphire Sunset Gin, both crafted to infuse your gatherings with rich berries and warming spice.

First, immerse yourself in the deep, inviting flavours of Bombay Bramble Gin, where the essence of freshly harvested blackberries and raspberries creates a rich and velvety indulgence. Bursting with an 100% natural fruit infusion without any added sugars, each sip evokes the comforting and natural sweetness of ripe berries, inviting you to savour the richness of the moment. Next, indulge in the golden glow of Bombay Sapphire Sunset Gin, a special edition creation inspired by the warm glow of the setting sun. Infused with golden turmeric, Indian white cardamom, and Spanish mandarin, this gin offers a captivating complexity that transports you to a world of tranquillity and indulgence. Whether enjoyed in a gin and tonic or as the foundation for creative cocktails, its aromatic blend invites you to unwind and savour the moment.  

Together, these two gins form a harmonious pairing that brings a sense of comfort and connection to any occasion. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet night, the Bombay Sunset & Bramble Twin Pack promises to elevate your cocktail experience and create moments of joy.

Tasting Notes

Bombay Sapphire Sunset:

Cardamom's comforting aroma warmly intertwines with the refreshing essence of juniper, creating a harmonious fusion. Delicate hints of floral angelica and fragrant turmeric elegantly complement this union, enhancing the complexity of the blend. Each sip unveils the lively tang of mandarin, adding a refreshing dimension to the taste experience.

Bombay Bramble:

The captivating fusion of sun-kissed summer berries emerges first, gracefully joined by a lavish melding of fruity juniper and subtle notes of invigorating herbal spice. Bombay Bramble predominantly celebrates the timeless essence of juniper intertwined with lively citrus undertones, complemented by the delightful fullness of crimson berries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Elayne A.
No delivery

Sorry returned to yourselves no one to sign , but I expect it was fab

Winter Twinpack

Was really pleased to find Sunset online as no longer available in shops in Norfolk,
which was disappointing as really enjoy this gin.
Bombay Bramble is fantastic infusion, just too drinkable!!!
First time Online ordering was easy and I was kept informed of delivery pathway, the package arrived safe and sound at the time allocated.
Thank you.

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